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    I care about a good shave but I also care about spending money. With existing supermarket products there’s always the temptation to not change the blade as frequently as you should. Is it a week old, two weeks, three weeks? The Razwar blade is as good or better than premium supermarket blades giving a satisfying, smooth shave but at a fraction of the cost. With Razwar I can have the shave I want and throw the blade away each week. Thanks guys!

    Neil Stollznow QPMR
    Stollznow Research


    I have just started using the El Fidel Neo....can't believe that someone can sell a razor as good as Gillette Fusion for half the price...it really works well...makes you wonder where all the markup goes....I'll be telling all of my friends.

    This razor gives me a really close shave. It is good in the hand in that the handle is well weighted and helps the blades glide across my face. Only 2 passes and my cheeks are as soft as a baby;s ...

    Well done RazWar team!

    Jonny B

    Troppo Foods


    EL CHÉ

    The El Che' gives a nice clean shave.Very similar to my 4 blade Schick Quattro,but the price is  a lot lower so good value.  Fred 34 Sydney 5/4/13



    I am using the El Fidel+ 5 blade one.It was much better than the Schick or Gillette 5 blade. Great value at the low price. George 45 Sydney 4/4/13

    I am using the El Fidlel+ 5 blade razor. I have always been a 3 blade user, but found that the 5 blade shaves closer and smoother.  The only problem I had was the hard to reach spots but the built-in trimming blade works well in shaving them. Tim 20 Sydney 3/4/13 

    The El Fidlel+ 5 blade is excellent. I did a comparison with a Gillette Fusion 5 blade.. very similar.but El Fidlel is half the price. Seb 21 Sydney 29/3/13

    The badger brush and Razwar Modern Shaving Soap works well and very well priced.I was surprised how quickly you can lather it on and shave. Not a lot slower than using shaving foam or gel.Michael 56 Brisbane 22/3/13

    El Fidel+ 5 blade.Very good shave,clean, smooth.Good value vs. Fusion. Mike 52 Sydney 20/3/13


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